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The Word for Today and Vision...

...have been inseparable partners for nearly 17 years. Each day on Vision, you'll hear Bob Gass' rich Irish tones as he reads his message for the day. Right now, Vision is having one of its twice-yearly fundraisers. Some radio stations bombard you with advertising. Others are government-funded. But it’s our supporters who help us stay on your mailbox!

The latest edition of The Word for Today is about to be posted. Our wonderful team of volunteers will soon be packing nearly a hundred thousand copies of this popular devotional for mailing. So if you've changed your address in the last few months, please let us know straight away. It's important we know your address changes

‘Can I pray for you?’

This question should be part of our everyday conversation with friends, family, neighbours and strangers. Remember the story of the woman who had spent all her money on doctors and decided her one last chance was with Jesus? She quietly moved through an entire crowd, just to touch the hem of His

Join us on a 'virtual' tour of Israel!

UCB’s October tour of Israel has just started. The last of the summer heat has ended but winter's chill has not yet arrived. We’d love you to join us on Facebook over the next ten days. We’ll be walking in the dust of our rabbi—Jesus of Nazareth—as we
'What return can I make to the Lord for all His goodness to me...?' Psalm 116: 12 Aussies help their mates! And helping ordinary Aussies is what Vision Christian Prayer is doing every day. If you'd love to help us pass on the blessing through this ministry, consider the following possibilities:  Pray for us. Vision Christian Prayer is just one part of the ministry of Vision Christian Media. Our Prayer Watchmen team

Join our Vision Christian Prayer team today!

‘To share in someone’s pain or walk with them in grief is to stand with them on holy ground. To witness God’s hand bring them peace, healing or hope is a blessing that cannot be measured.’ - Ted Vision Christian Prayer is looking for volunteers like Ted who are willing

New Websites Coming Soon! Introducing Vision180

Welcome to Vision Christian Prayer

Friend of PrayForMeDo you have a problem that needs prayer right now? Whether you would like prayer for yourself or someone close to you - we'll stand by you!

You can complete the form on the left now, or if you want to find out more about Vision Christian Prayer, please have a look around our site.

No problem is too big for God.
Jesus said, '...with God, all things are possible.' Mark 10:27 NKJV

Nothing is too small for Him, either. He's interested in every aspect of our lives.

'Are not five sparrows sold for two cents? Yet not one of them is forgotten before God. Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not fear; you are more valuable than many sparrows.' Luke 12:6-7 NAS

Whatever your situation, Vision Christian Prayer is here to confidentially pray with you and for you. Our team of real people are passionate about helping you and bringing your requests and needs before the Creator God of the Bible.

Every day we receive testimonies from people whose prayers have been answered. Prayers for health, healing, finances, employment, family problems, marriages, lost pets, lost faith... check out just a few of the many testimonies in Answered Prayer.


When you don't think you have enough faith, remember the prayer of the man who went to Jesus: 'Lord, I do believe; help my unbelief.' (Mark 9:24)  Be Specific in your prayer request. Persist; keep on keeping on. Don't give up.

So, how do you request prayer from Vision Christian Prayer?

(1) You can use the form opposite.
(2) If you prefer to speak to a person, you can phone freecall 1800 PrayForMe (1800 772 936)
(3) You might like text your message to 0401 132 888
(4) You can write to us at Vision Christian Prayer, Locked Bag 3, Springwood Qld 4127

If your church is willing to join with us in praying for others around Australia (and the world),
phone us on 1800 00 777 0  to discuss how you can be involved.



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